CHARAKTERYSTKI STARTUJĄCYCH - niestety, tylko po angielsku


Na stronie turnieju znalazły się dowcipne charakterystyki startujących - przytaczamy je tutaj, niestety, tylko po angielsku


Steve Capal

Jonathan Harris

The first pair to enter this and every other year’s tournament. Will their names still be at the top of the list on Sunday?


Kevin Castner

David Gold

The Special Relationship cemented by this Anglo-American alliance between two special players.


Ian Draper

Jeremy Willans

One of Kent's most successful pairs who have won the title of Champion County more than once in recent years.


Nick Sandqvist

Shivam Shah

One of the brightest young hopes in English bridge and one of the brightest young hopes in Swedish bridge. One of those descriptions applies to a slightly earlier time frame than the other.


Sveinn Runar Eiriksson

Throstur Ingimarsson

Winners of the Icelandic national teams championship for three consecutive years, and bridge in Iceland is a very serious sport indeed.


Nick Irens

Espen Erichsen

The advance guard of the Norwegian invasion, Espen has been a Londoner for a while now and has played for England more than once. Nick is an experienced player and one of the nicest guys in bridge.


Stuart Wheeler

Patrick Oaksey

The Pride of the Portland - top rubber bridge players out to show that system is no substitute for skill.


Wit Klapper

Pawel Klapper

A father and son combination won this tournament last year, and this pair from Poland will try their best to make it two in a row.


David Mossop

Andrew McIntosh

David has been living independently from the United Kingdom and playing for Switzerland. Andrew has yet to gian independence, but has gained a high reputation on the bridge scene.


Cornel Teodorescu

Soldano de Falco

A legend from the great days of the first Blue Team and a top Romanian player who has made it past UK Borders to carry off the Auction Pairs.


Geir Brekka

Ann Karin Fuglestad

Norway's answer to Beauty and the Beast. Possibly the wrong answer, in the Beast department anyway.


Terry Harvey

Tracy Capal

Bidding to keep the title and the prize within the walls of TGRs. Perhaps even overbidding.


Kurt Ove Thomassen

Svein Gunnar Karlberg

Long-standing Norwegian partnership since their days on the junior team, playing alongisde Geir Helgemo. They did not suffer by the comparison.


Jean Charles Allavena

Piotr Tuczynski

The Prince of Monaco (where bridge is concerned) and his young and talented Polish partner.


Marten Gustawsson

Gunnar Andersson

Two of Sweden's top players, and to be two of those you have to be very good indeed.


Per Ove Grime

Lars Allard

More of the Norwegian invasion - Per Ove is a regular at this tournament and his new partner is also a top-flight player.



Artur Malinowski

Janet de Botton

Winners of every competition on the national stage, and holder of the world record for countries represented at bridge during his career as well as silver medals at both World and European level.


Charles Wigoder

Jacek Pszczola

The proprietor of TGRs and his effervescent partner, a top player from Poland.


Vitas Vainikonis

Wojtek Olanski

Vitas visits TGRs when he can and returns to Lithuania with our money. This time he's serious about it.


Erikas Vainikonis

Andrei Arlowich

Visitors from Lithuania who have represented that country in European championships.


Cezary Serek

Wojtek Starkowski

Two of Poland's top match point players, and what Polish players don't know about matchpoints is not worth knowing.


Jacek Kalita

Grzegorz Narkiewicz

A blend of two Polish international pairs, but this doesn't matter because all Poles play the same methods and they all play them extremely well.


Maurice Esterson

David Burn

Two former England internationals (where "former" means "shortly after the second Ice Age") and TGRs regulars.


Anita Sinclair

Fredrik Bjornlund

One of the many successful Swedish visitors to these shores and his enthusiastic partner.


Wojciech Gawel

Rafal Jagniewski

Dangerous partnership from Poland, where every partnership is a danger to the rest of the field as they showed by winning the Spingold last year.


Bogdan Marina

Ionut Coldea

A top Romanian pair - high-stake rubber bridge players as well as accomplished performers on the tournament scene.


Rowena Clow

Millie Jones

Bound to win the prize for the youngest pair in the tournament. Unfortunately...


Arun Kumar Sinha

Prakash Paranjpe

Arun has recently started to play at TGRs, so we are delighted that he and his partner have decided to try their luck in our big event.


Szczepan Smoczynski

Mary Gordon-Smith

Volatile Polish expat and his rather less excitable partner - just as well, or the tournament would be a fire hazard.


James Mates

Jonathan Davis

Hoping this weekend to make the news rather than reporting the news.


Simon Cope

Peter Crouch

Fanatical Liverpool supporter who, on discovering that his partner was the top England bridge player and not the defector to Stoke City, decided to play with him after all.


Andrew Robson

Zia Mahmood

A newly honoured OBE and a man who has played world-class bridge in every corner of the past and present British Empire.




Michael Elinescu

Never mind Matt Smith and Peter Cipaldi - these two Doctors from the German team are the ones to watch.





Jessica Hayman Piafsky

Fredrik Nystrom

Sweden's famous neutrality has been suspended to allow a world champion to form an alliance with his American partner. Sound political move.



Krzysztof Martens

Dominik Filipowicz

The Godfather of Polish bridge and one of his young and highly talented proteges.



Allison Green

Dessy Malakova

Aspiring internationals from England and Bulgaria, newcomers to the Auction Pairs.



Simon Gillis

Boye Brogeland

The North and the even further North – long-standing partnership with many successes on the international stage.



Lee Rosenthal

Dror Padon

Two young players from Israel who have already made a strong impression on the international stage.



Bartosz Chmurski

Igor Chalupec

Top Polish professional and one of the most improved players in  Poland in recent years.



Guy Laffineur

Paul Chemla

The legendary Cigar and the current national champion of France are a partnership for whom the adjective "formidable" could have been invented.



Stefan Skorchev

Borislav Popov

Bulgarian internationals who gave a great performance in the most recent World Championships in Bali last year.



Frederic Wrang

Juan Carlos Ventin

A blend of fire and ice – Juan Carlos from Argentina, Frederic from Sweden. Talented and experienced international players with every chance in this tournament.



Bjorn Wenneberg

Per Leandersson

A man with the best job in bridge - captain of the Swedish juniors - and his not-quite-so-junior partner.



Marilyn Malinowska

David Price

Bound to win, otherwise the manager will be in the doghouse.



Tom Townsend

Cameron Small

Two top players with a number of successes in the touranment world, and no strangers to the hig-stakes rubber bridge tables.



Eric Duffelen

Nick Payne

Regulars at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club returning to the biggest game in town.



Berge Eldar Nising

Jan Gunnar Kristensen

Dark horses from Norway. Most horses in Norway are white, but all of them are tough.



Sven Olai Hoyland

Jim Hoyland

Brothers from Norway who made their mark in the Junior team, but age has not withered them and they are still feared competitors.




Waseem Naqvi

Jurg Dombrowe

Returning to these shores from a long stay in Spain, Waseem resumes his long-standing partnership with one of Germany's finest.


Jerome Rombaut

Cedric Lorenzini

Young members of the French international side here to show Paul Chemla that their country's bridge is in safe hands.


Bjarni Einarsson

Adalstein Jorgensen

The Invincible Icemen won in 2011 and again in 2012, but 2013 was not their lucky year. That was then, and this is now.


Virginia Curmat

Yves Moulin

Welcome visitors from France, first-time entrants to the Auction Pairs.


Gitte Hecht-Johansen

Lone Kiaer

If these two had come over with the Vikings in the 9th century, Alfred the Great would have been known as Alfred the Utterly Demoralised.


Gert-Jan Paulissen

Bart Nab

Top-class pair from the Netherlands, a country that has produced more than its share of top-class players over the years.


Richard Johnson

Kiril Delev

Senior junior and junior Senior. The rest of you can look it up when you get home.


Clement Maamarbachi

George Kachami

Visitors from the Lebanon who have represented that country in European championships (the European Bridge League has a rather shaky grasp of geography).


Andrew Kay

Graham Orsmond

Two of the regulars at TGRs to whom it has been explained that part-scores do not carry over at matchpoints. Not that they play in many part-scores.


Sabine Auken

Roy Welland

There may have been a major pairs tournament that Sabine and Roy failed to win last year, but nobody can think of one. They also won the Vanderbilt. But don't worry - it's still worth the rest of us playing for second place.


Maija Romanovska

Aigars Germanis

Visitors from Latvia, where they are frequently among the winners in the major tournaments.


Vladimir Ignatescu

Marius Robert Ionita

Romanian internationals with an excellent record in high-level competitive bridge.


Alain Frencken

Christophe van den Hove

Visitors from Belgium, prominent players in national competitions and abroad.


Giorgos Oikonomopoulos

Sotirios Ninos

No one would leave Greece for England in the middle of winter unless they were at home in high-level company at the bridge table.


Warner Solomon

Mike Pownall

Visitors from the West Country (unless you live in Cornwall, when they are visitors from the East Country). Two highly experienced tournament players.


John Vos

Dmitri Stoev

An Anglo-Bulgarian combination about whom all that can be said with confidence is that their results will not be predictable.



Peter Hasenson

David Sherman

If you don't like your photograph from this event, blame Peter. If you don't like your results, you may or may not have this partnership to blame also.


Marshall Lewis

Jean Michel Voldoire

A globe-trotting American whose ambition is to play with a partner from every country in the world. This year it's one of France's best.


Thor-Erik Hoftaniska

Svein Arild Olsen

Two top international players from Norway, where they breed plenty of tough international players.


Gunnar Hallberg

Willie Whittaker

One of the best Swedish players in Brighton and one of the best Scottish players in London.


Steve Root

Jerry Harouni

Representatives of the People's Republic of Middlesex, not yet recognised by the World Bridge Federation. Only a matter of time.


Phil King

Michael Shellim

Not so long ago Michael was one of our students at TGRs. Now he is playing the toughest event in the English calendar with a partner who has won plenty of tough tournaments.


Jon Sveindal

Jonny Hansen

Two more of Scandinavia's finest, aiming to prove what we have known since 1066 - England is easily conquered by Norsemen.