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Our team is the mixture of the routine and youth. Most players are multiple world, European, and Polish champions and medalists, in open and juniors categories. Of course the group is not closed.

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Our experts - Krzysztof Buras, Michal Kwiecien, Grzegorz Narkiewicz, Jacek "Pepsi" Pszczola, Slawek Latala, Marek Wojcicki - are able to answer any bridge-related question or problem - whether technical, juridical, historic. If you want to know something, to get the arguments (for your partner, of course...) - describe the problem below

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In recent years, the results of Polish bridge players and teams at international events have not been particularly notworthy. This contrasts with the world and European championships of the eighties and nineties in which there were a series of medals and wins for Poles. At that time there was great deal of competition among a large pool of player of international standard, allowing for the selection of a highly competitive national team. This is no longer the case. Why? An important part of the explanation seems to be the political and economic transformation of Poland. Top players, with the exception of just a very few, cannot make a living playing bridge, and their consequent reduction in top competitive bridge playing has led to decline in skill levels. Young people, particularly those of with relatively high skills levels, concentrate mainly on education and professional carreers. The Polish Bridge Union cannot mitigate this problem due to a lack of resources.

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Improvement requires hard work... We can help anyybody who wants to master their bridge. Today's technology gives you the opportunity to train without leaving home......

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One of the best ways to improve the quality of bridge is to play with a better partner. By observing our partner's game we improve our skills and eliminate errors. You can play with our players in many tournaments and learn this way. Playing with a pro is t...

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Junior bridge

Our place for juniors - by Michal Klukowski (only in Polish)

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Krzysztof Buras, Michal Kwiecien, Grzegorz Narkiewicz, Jacek "Pepsi" Pszczoła - bidding, declarer play, defence; Slawek Latala - tournament director; Marek Wojcicki - journalist and writer

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